Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct supports attendees, sponsors and speakers in creating unique and positive event experiences for everyone.

The spirit of Meet Magento is a very special one. It brings people of different kinds together, creates new networks, partnerships and friendships and connects us all, disregarding borders, politics or skin color. It crosses border just as e-commerce does itself. Meet Magento Association wants to provide unique networking opportunities for all Magento enthusiasts.


Move in a considerate and respective way towards the other attendees. You don’t have to be too formal if you’re not relaxed with that. Call each other by your first name and wear what you like, unless it’s displaying inappropriate pictures or texts. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a suit, smart casual or just jeans and shirt.


Meet Magento gets supported by passionate speakers who love to share their knowledge and to contribute it to the community for free. It’s okay to display a short promotion note about you and your company at the start or the end of your session. But please avoid sales pitches or advertising sessions. This would be no useful content for the attendees. Think about how you can catch the attendees attention and their motivation to learn more. Please also respect the other speakers and avoid running over your speaking time.


It’s recommended for all sponsors to participate in the event in an authentic and active way. Think about how you can catch the attendees attention - don’t just wait for customers to visit your booth. It’s up to you to make the most out of your presence at the event.

We are condemning discrimination regarding race, gender, sexuality or appearance fiercely. If you note any unacceptable behavior, or if you’re a victim of discrimination, or if you have further questions regarding this, please reach out to the event organizer, the event staff on-site or write us an e-mail at