Meet Magento Vietnam 2015 – The growing momentum of eCommerce in Vietnam

MM15VN showed us that there is a lot of unexpected and unknown in the Magento universe. eCommerce in Vietnam is one of hot topics for companies, consumers and government. The transformation process from pure offline business to a more holistic approach started only 3-4 years ago. There is a long way to go. MM15VN was a wonderful start into this market.

For running a business today – regardless of the branch – you have much more options than in the past. Since decades we are talking about and living with the impact of online technologies to business models and their operation. eCommerce is part of that. That’s not different in Vietnam and all the other Southeast Asian economies. eCommerce is essential part of the Vietnam’s economy. As we hear and read this in many other country we could do at Meet Magento Vietnam 2015 a very deep view into the market situation and what’s going.

While talking about “eCommerce trends in Vietnam” Huu-Linh Tran from VECITA explained in detail how Vietnamese companies use internet for business, what they expect from eCommerce and how much they invest. Huu-Linh Tran is director of “Vietnam E-Commerce and Information Technology Agency”, part of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. From our European point of view it is interesting to see how a government agency supports online business models and helps companies to gain advantage of it. It’s worth to take a look to his presentation at MM15VN.

With more than 500 attendees MM15VN was the biggest first timer Meet Magento in a new market ever. Interestingly the crowd splitted 50/50 in developers and merchants. SmartOSC as organizer had worked out for them a nice agenda, perfectly covering the needs of beginners and professionals. Speakers from Vietnam, US, LATAM, Germany or UK covered in both business and technical tracks a full set of eCommerce topics. The entire event was wonderful organized with many small nice details and touches.


It is remarkable that Magento is not so well known in Vietnam. At the same time we find her one of the biggest Magento development company or a striking Magento extension development company. But they work mainly on an international level. Magento as a system is not common in the local market. We saw that also during the conference. Many developers wanted to understand how Magento works as development platform as well as to get in touch with local and international Magento communities.

While some merchants are already very experienced in online business, we had a huge number of companies just starting eCommerce outside of the usual marketplaces. For them the conference was the place to get answers and to develop a better understanding about the possibilities as merchant in the Magento world. The dynamic of this process became evident in the days after MM15VN. People want to learn and to start. And so we see a huge follow up stream overwhelming many of us.

MM15VN had it all. Valuable content. A dedicated team. Unexpected many curious and engaged attendees. A wonderful location. A huge amount of spirit. And it was in Hanoi.