Summary of Meet Magento Argentina

In 2015 Meet Magento went down a long road. More than 25 events and activities meant literally that we have two people always away from home looking after all those activities. Meet Magento in Argentina on December 3rd in Buenos Aires was a perfect last accord for 2015.

The first thing you recognize if you walk outside of Buenos Aires’ airport is the fresh breeze of air – and that you are in the middle of working online business models. Hiring a taxi, paying your ride with your iphone, looking after the next bar, anything goes. Online business -with and without Magento- is keeping an ascending track in Argentina. Mobile applications are the enable for it. You can experience this everywhere. The mobile phone penetration rate in Argentina exceeds all other LATAM markets. More than 31 million mobile phone users represents a 71% penetration among the overall population.

We discussed that development at MM15AR. While eCommerce constitutes only four percent of the total retail market in Argentina, online business models based on mobile phone is the true market maker here. Investment partners like Naspers or Tiger Global are looking for unleashed business models that take advantage of mobile internet and combine online and offline approach. Companies like Avenida show very clearly that the time of dogmatic online or offline business models are gone. Solving logistical challenge by combining pickup location with online shopping became one of their USPs in Argentina.

What else at MM15AR?
A full conference with business and developer tracks
More than 300 attendees and 30 speakers
Organized by Summa Solutions
Many discussions and a very lively Argentinean eCommerce scene

Besides the wonderful spirit and the dedication to enable business and learn from each other there where one absolutely remarkable session: The three strongest Magento agencies in Argentina sent their people to presentation they prepared and delivered together. Santiago d’ André from Brandlive, Sebastián Po from Lyracons and José Beltramini from Summa Solutions shared their experiences in “Starting with Magento” with all of us. It was one of the strongest moments in 2015 that competitors join forces, prepare an outstanding presentation and share their combined knowledge to merchants. Thank you for that.

MM15AR was a worthy finale to a challenging and extraordinary year. And it is the starting point for more Meet Magento’s in LATAM in 2016.