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February 23, 2017

As one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, Magento is used by over 250,000 merchants around the globe. The platform’s background has always been a very special one, as it gets supported by an ecosystem of passionate e-commerce enthusiasts contributing their daily work to its success.


Magento is now proactively using this network. Two weeks ago, Max Yekaterynenko got officially announced as Director of Community Engineering. We spoke with him about his goals and projects within his new role at Magento Inc.

1. Max, what are your goals as Director of Community Engineering at Magento?
I have three goals – Enable Community, Ease Contribution and Transparency. We will enable community to develop Magento 2 together with our core team. We will make contribution processes easy and straightforward. We will share all our internal documents, guidelines and we will also share our activities upfront.

2. How do you evaluate the relevance of the ecosystem behind Magento platform?
Ecosystem is what makes Magento successful. We are here because of our community and the network of enthusiastic e-commerce professionals. This strengthens Magento and drives its success from day one on a global level.

3. One of the main projects will be a new workshop format provided on upcoming Meet Magento events worldwide: the Magento Contribution Days. What can people expect from attending one of those sessions? What are the aims of the workshops?
During the workshop, developers will be able to work together with Magento architects, on delivering code in core. We will be there to answer on all questions, and share our experience on developing Magento.

The Magento Contribution Days get kicked off on Meet Magento Italy and Meet Magento Croatia in March.

Please visit www.meet-magento.com/magento-contribution-days or write an email to info@meet-magento.com for more information and workshop registration.

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