The rules are obligatory for all Meet Magento organizers. It is our and also your responsibility to use the Meet Magento brand in the right way. Only by this way we can establish a successful and long-term Meet Magento series.

  • Don’t use “Meet Magento” in ways that imply Magento is directly involved, or that the communication is coming from Magento. Meet Magento is supported but independent organized by Magento.
  • Don’t use the Meet Magento or Meet Magento Association logo without permission from the Meet Magento Association Team. Its not allowed to disassemble or use parts of the Meet Magento logo or to create a new logo using all parts of the Meet Magento logo.
  • Choose no political or religious topics or speakers to have hot discussions. The target of Meet Magento is to strengthen the sense of community and we don’t tolerate any discrimination.
  • Don’t use your own website. We provide you with that.
  • If you want have an own local event page at social media channels you have to follow our design and hashtag guidelines.
  • You should give us all of your local event photos for uploading to our main Flickr profile and also your local session videos for the officially Meet Magento YouTube channel.

Check out our Organizer Guides & Cooperation Agreement for all instructions and rules explained in detail.