“Shop the Look” – Visual Merchandising with Magento

Magento agency and Meet Magento Association partner TUDOCK developed a Magento module for visual merchandising.


E-Commerce Forum Karlsruhe with Magento, Spryker, SAP Hybris and Oxid

Meet Magento Association partner Flagbit is breaking new grounds with the 27th edition of E-Commerce Forum Karlsruhe on November 10, 2016. After the attendee numbers increased during the past years, the Forum will take place at a new location for the first time: the Alte Färberei (event hall) of the Kesselhaus, directly located near the […]


Local Stores’ worst Enemy: eCommerce?

  Classic horror story plot: you have to close your local store because of the trending eCommerce business. Everyone wants to buy wherever they are and whenever they want. No one walks through your city anymore to go window shopping – you can literally sit on your couch at home, at Saturday night around 11 […]


To Do in April: visit E-commerce Berlin EXPO!

The E-Commerce Poland Trade Fair, one of the biggest E-commerce fairs in middle and eastern Europe, hosts an event in Germany for the first time since it first happened in Poland in 2011. The E-commerce Berlin EXPO is one of several events that create networks around the market and make knowledge and business come together. […]

Localized Magento Edition – the Key to local Markets!

One big concern when establishing your own webshop is to meet legal rules and regulations of the market and ecosystem you want to join. Usually, you have to install a multitude of extensions and set the entire system properly to use Magento in local markets. On the one hand, this is really complicated and time-consuming. On the other […]


MageStackDay #4 is coming!

Only 5 days left until the next MageStackDay. The online hackathon that dedicates to cleaning up the platform, answering and closing questions as well as keeping the forum quality on a high level happens on January 15 and 16. Join the community and keep Magento StackExchange clean!


Meet Magento Association @ JTL-Connect 2015

Let’s go to Düsseldorf. At the first JTL Connect 2015 the Meet Magento Association will be exhibiting in Congress Center Düsseldorf Süd on 20 October 2015. The fair will inform online merchants about basics, trends in eCommerce and synergies with partners and service providers.


eCommerce Software in Europe and Germany

Thanks to our partner Hivemind we are able to share new statistics with you on which eCommerce software is used in Europe and especially in Germany. Of course we are not surprised that Magento is still the leading system 😉


Meet Magento Association partner program

As a non-profit organization we need to rely on strong partners to continue our work around Meet Magento events, the Localized Magento Edition and the Association itself. That’s why we worked on a partner program during the past two months.


Meet Magento in Africa – connects to African eCommerce

For the first time Meet Magento visited the African continent. As we already mentioned a few weeks ago we were surprised when we received the invitation of the CMS Africa Summit, but of course, we accepted and right after Meet Magento Spain we flew to Nairobi in Kenya to participate in the conference.