What are we doing?

The Meet Magento Association was founded in 2015 to cover all Meet Magento activities worldwide. It started with a 270 people conference in 2009 in Leipzig, Germany, where the Association is still based. Meet Magento Association provides now the leading Magento conferences in the world, hosting events in 50 different countries.

Meet Magento Association connects people around Magento all over the world. It supports businesses to go global, enables innovation around the globe, connects people and provides unique market insights and knowledge. It builds strong partner networks for everyone around Magento e-commerce, including merchants, agencies, developers, system integrators and any company of different kinds interested in entering new markets.

How did it start?

Back in 2009, Rico Neitzel (Büro 71A, Germany), Thomas Fleck (Netresearch, Germany) and Guido Jansen (Dutchento, The Netherlands) kicked off this unique project which is now the largest e-commerce conference series in the Magento world: Meet Magento.

More than 270 people attended the first Meet Magento in Leipzig. The event grew over the years and established as the main event in the Magento ecosystem. Lots of the international attendees had been overwhelmed by the event concept, the German open source community and the high-level networking. More and more people brought up the idea to bring Meet Magento to other countries. The event series decided to expand and to work with franchisees in 2012. Since then, Meet Magento Association collaborates with local partners to host the different Meet Magento events worldwide. By now, over 50 events are taking place every year, all over the world. To cover this amount of administration and organization, the Meet Magento Association was founded in 2015.

As umbrella organization for Meet Magento activities worldwide, it is today the main touching point for everyone around Magento e-commerce.

“As an e-commerce solution provider with strong focus on Magento, we have a strong interest in driving the demand for the system worldwide. As part of that it is important to make sure the Magento brand is represented well and sometimes it has to be protected from different lobby groups. Magento as a company does a great job, but a worldwide accepted independent organization like the Meet Magento Association may be even better in this regard. Certainly the partnership also means a huge boost in reach and communication of our services to the community, and Meet Magento is a well-regarded channel within the community. We are very active in the open source community as well as in Meet Magento events worldwide - so it is obvious that we also support the Association.”

Michael Türk, Flagbit - Meet Magento Association Gold Partner