The Meet Magento association is a non-profit organisation with registration in Germany. The association has been founded to give our Meet Magento events a new home. Meet Magento started back in 2009 with a small 200 people event in Germany and is now the leading Magento conference worldwide with events in 17 countries.

Besides the work on the Meet Magento events we will continue our activities on the Magento localized edition. This is a special Magento community edition with all needed configurations and extensions for the local market. This edition is currently available for Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland and Spain.

We will also start a new project within our NPO: Our association is open for Magento merchants. A membership includes Magento user Support and access to special partner offers and e-commerce know-how.

How did it start?

In 2009 Thomas Fleck (Netresearch, Germany) and Guido Jansen (Dutchento) kicked off something which is today the largest ecommerce event series in the Magento world: Meet Magento.

When Roy Rubin came to Germany in 2009 to meet a few enthusiasts he was overwhelmed by a working open source community in Germany. More than 270 people came together in Leipzig and made possible what is known today as the Magento miracle.

Over the years the event growth and we are now an established event in the Magento e-commerce szene.

Lots of international guest were excited about the Meet Magento concept and the high-level networking. Because of that we received more and more requests to bring Meet Magento also to other countries. That’s why we decided to expand internationally in 2012. We decided to work within a franchise model. That means that we cooperate with a local partner who is hosting the Meet Magento event.

In 2015 we had 16 events around the globe and in 2016 it will be even more! So over the past years Meet Magento became a huge project – too huge to get it done within the Netresearch Company. Therefore we decided to continue our work in a new framework: the Meet Magento Association

“You are not owning your friends – you can’t buy them – you have to win them over and over again.”
— Thomas Fleck (CEO, Netresearch App Factory)

Our Mission

In everything we do, we want to enable and connect people. We believe in the power of a vivid and strong community. So when we met Magento back in 2008 we did not hesitate to start building Magento’s community and brand in Europe. Meet Magento has been a perfect instrument for this.

From the very beginning Meet Magento has been a platform for Magento enthusiasts, for merchants and partners. Working with this amazing community is part of Meet Magento´s DNA from its early days. Meet Magento is all about sharing ideas, making successful business and long-term contacts.

With the Meet Magento Association we like to continue our work on the Meet Magento events but we also want to build something new: a contact point, in a digital and a real way, for Magento merchants and for the whole community. We are starting with this adventure in Germany and will grow internationally like our events before. Are you with us?